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Elizabeth Dehner

Mistakes are merely roadmaps to who you are meant to be.

Doctor Elizabeth Dehner
USS Enterprise
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Primary Character Profile
Name: Elizabeth Felicity Dehner
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Occupation: Psychiatrist

Personality: Dedicated, systematic, logical and yet still emotional. She is easily overwhelmed by her own emotions, particularly when they feel out of control or are sudden. She does her best to remain as unbiased as possible, but that it's always practical. She is cheerful, optimistic and talkative. Extremely cuddly when comfortable with you, whether romantic or not. She likes to be around people, but also enjoys her down time. She spends too much time on work, not enough time on play, always analyzing the next person. She loves babies and wants children of her own, but her lack of confidence in herself makes it difficult for her to date and find someone to have said children with.

Star Trek Background: An only child raised by her mother and father. Her mother is passive and non-confrontational while her father is stern and strict with extremely high expectations. She was raised with the expectation that she would be the best at what she did, go to school, become a doctor and do research. She was put in so many extracurricular activities as a kid, she could hardly keep them straight. Ballet was the only thing she somewhat maintained into adulthood as well as playing the cello. This lack of loving fatherly figure has her with some serious daddy issues and in need of a lot of reassurance or she feels she is a failure.Special: She has a heightened sense of what is around her. Scoring high on her esp rating has proven her to be particularly intuitive and when in conjunction with either special anomalies or outside influence, she began to develop telepathy. It is slow going and uncontrolled as of yet and she is attempting to stop it, but has yet to make that work.

Non-Trek Background: Same as above in how she was raised, however when her father pushed her towards neurology, she went with psychology. In that, she finally decided to work with the government. She goes on short deployments on Naval vessels. She then reports back to the US government with findings on how they could improve life for their soldiers. She doesn't have a lot of down time, but she's trying to make room for all that growing up she wants to do, like having a family of her own.

NOTE: Elizabeth can be altered to fit any verse or timeline. She isn't exclusively Star Trek.

PB: Amy Adams.
Not real, not mine.

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