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future!Verse - A Confrontation

Liz had spent all day out dress shopping with her mother. She knew vaguely what she had been looking for and they found it. She'd got back in in a few weeks and do a fitting, but right now she was sitting in her parent's living room beside her mother talking.  Monty had come to meet up with them for dinner which they were still deciding on what to do. It wasn't a big event, but they had some time to kill. Her mother was currently looking through a collection of bridal stuff that she claimed Liz had to have for her wedding. Liz just smiled and nodded at half of it anyway. 

Gerald was standing behind them looking severe as always. Helen made a comment about how beautiful the wedding would be and how lovely the bride was. Liz looked up at Monty and smiled, a tinge of pink in her cheeks. She was excited more than she could say, even though she was already married. It still felt all new. It would be fun, that much she knew. 

With Helen bubbling and Liz playing along, Gerald continued to look more disturbed by the entire situation. At one point Liz looked at her mom and laughed, "No, I'm not having a bunch of crystal chandeliers. Can't you just be happy with the selections I make?" This was all in teasing of course.

Helen returned the smile, "Elizabeth, I will happy with you no matter what you do with your wedding. I'm so blessed to have a daughter like you, I couldn't ask more of you."

"At least one of your parents is proud with as little as having you married," Gerald's voice darkened the room. It was steady and deep and nothing more than murmur, but everyone had to have heard it clearly.

Liz took a second of sitting on the couch, stunned and still, staring at her lap. After a moment, she took a deep breath and stood, excusing herself to wash up before dinner. Helen sat still a moment longer and then excused herself for the same reason, giving Monty an apologetic look on the way out. Gerald only moved after they had both left to sit in his usual chair.

future!Verse - The Beginning

Liz was nervous, which was strange considering she'd seen more of the galaxy than most people would dream of, but coming home was scarier. Five years. She spent five years of her life in space and in that span of time, she lived more than she knew she could. She found herself, she found the love of her life and she found best friends that would stay with her forever. Nothing could compare to what she found out there and even though she was reluctant through much of it, Liz knew that it was all worth it in the end.

Elizabeth Scott and her husband Montgomery had a couple day of debriefing with Starfleet. She still felt impossibly guilty for making her husband leave what he loved for her. He assured her regularly, from the beginning, that it was okay and they would survive and he couldn't live without her anyway. She eventually started to believe him. Now, coming back to Earth and sharing her research with those it would benefit most was going to ensure she felt like those years had been a monumental accomplishment. It would be worth it. It was worth it.

Today, they were meeting her parents. Elizabeth hadn't seen them since she left, though there were many conversations between. Her parents would be meeting her husband for the first time. For some reason, that didn't make her nearly as nervous as she would expect. Instead, it just had her excited. She couldn't wait to see her mom and her father, she hoped for the best, praying deep down that he was going to tell her how proud he was.

She looked back and took Monty's hand, smiling as they walked down the street, headed towards the bayside restaurant they were meeting her parents at. "You ready?" she asked, squeezing his hand. 

[Locked to Chrissy]

Do you want to meet up to hang out?

Locked To lt_cmmdr_scott

Helen hadn't spoken with her daughter or son-in-law in quite some time. She assumed that they were busy, as young lovers on a five year mission would be. She hoped not too busy to take a call since she had a moment and she desperately wished to see her daughter's beautiful face. Helen knew that Montgomery had become a very important part of Elizabeth's life quickly. It was all she could ask for her only child. Granted, it wasn't exactly how she imagined it would go. Her 25-year-old daughter - now 26 - was growing up and eventually she would outgrow her mother's embrace and go on her own, finding a man to take that place. There really was no surprise in that he was approximately a decade her senior; Elizabeth had always been much more mature for her age. 

She sat herself down in front of the screen, unsure of the time where they were, or what time they were on. She could never quite keep up with their ship, though she did get regular news feeds from Starfleet about the general whereabouts or status of their ships. Then again, they were alway vague at best. No matter, she was making a call now to catch her darling daughter only a few days after her birthday. Or was it a week? At any rate, Elizabeth surely received the message long before.

The screen flickered to life as she awaited some kind of answer.

Personal Log - Oops, Happy Birthday

[locked to everyone, unless Monty somehow sees it or hacks it or... I dunno, figures it out by accident.]

Well, I sort of forgot that it was my birthday yesterday - or I think it was yesterday. Space has me a little confused on dates and though i can tell you the stardate, I very rarely catch on to the coinciding Earth date. So, as of a couple days or a day ago - who really cares? - I am 26 years old. Happy birthday to me. 

I'm actually glad I didn't tell anyone because that would mean people paying attention to me and I just really don't want that.


Schedule Change

In the event that you catch in the middle of the night lurking among the graveyard shift, it's because I've had to change my schedule. In order to make sure that my research is well rounded, I have to alternate in the different shifts and I've been fairly neglectful of those of you working while many of us sleep. So, I'm taking that on. For the next two to four weeks, I will see you around. Mostly you should be able to ignore me.  Many of you won't even notice I'm there at all. 

Welcome Aboard!

To any of the new arrivals, welcome aboard. For those of you that were here before, how was your shore leave? I hope it was as relaxing and rewarding as mine.

I'd really like to thank all of the well-wishers for me and my husband.

As for work, I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Relaxing is fun, but I get restless and start analyzing the people around me whether they need it or not. I should really stop doing that. It can't be good for me or them. At any rate, if anyone needs someone to talk to, you can come to me. I'd be happy to meet you and discuss whatever it is that is on your mind. Otherwise, expect to see me doing some research and lingering in the background.

[Locked to Monty]

So, how is your move back in going? I've been rearranging things on my shelves all day that were shuffled in the... event.