Doctor Elizabeth Dehner (elizabethdehner) wrote,
Doctor Elizabeth Dehner


The headaches have been getting more and more severe as time went in. She was starting to feel like she was never going to get relief from it. Without the ability to tell anyone about the condition she was in, she wouldn't find a cute or at least a way to deal with the changes. And maybe if they could work on it the headaches might stop.

Elizabeth has been taking to eating meals away from crowds. At least she could then keep herself away from the bustling minds around her. She could have done that again today, but Solin was suspicious of her behavior. Rightfully so. She couldn't pull away. She certainly didn't want to. His mind was the only one that didn't overwhelm her. His mind was clearer than most minds, but at least it wasn't painful.

At the moment she is staring down at her food, fairly uninterested as a sharp pain rushed in cycles behind her eyes. She exhales slowly as though it will help, wincing once as another crew member entered the mess hall.
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