Doctor Elizabeth Dehner (elizabethdehner) wrote,
Doctor Elizabeth Dehner

The Andorian Incident

There's been some commotion int he ship as of late. There isn't usually much going on, but with an Andorian freighter moving towards Vulcan space, the T'Zaled is the first to respond. Though, previously, they wouldn't show much interest in Andorian freighters, in this case, they have to be more careful. There isn't enough of them to be much of a force and even as they are allies, freighters run by completely unaccompanied Andorians--without the proper papers--is subject to check points, which is precisely what has been going on.

That's not even the worst of it.

Not only has Elizabeth and Solin not been engaging in much conversation as of late, the session has been even worse. The fact that she presses on is merely to show that she cannot be shoved out of his way simply because he feels it would be better that way. She's doing her job and there is a job to be done. As for the rest of their week, they avoid each other, or at least she makes sure she's very, very busy. It's not easy on her to have no one else to talk to, but she's been keeping in contact with a friend aboard the Enterprise and doing her best to be kind to the other doctors with her. It's actually there that she finds out about how the incident has gotten worse.

There had been a lot of talk around the ship. Most of it spoken in Vulcan, monotone voices relaying information, but Elizabeth recognizes names and titles, so when 'Major Solin' appears to be the subject of each and every one of these conversations, she's curious. With fear striking her suddenly that he could be hurt, she rushes to the infirmary, but only to find empty beds. She's greeted by one of the Vulcan physicians and then one of her own who immediately notices her unrest.

"Hayley, what's going on?" Elizabeth asks her. Hayley Bennett is the OB/GYN, so Liz isn't sure why she thinks she would know, but it's worth a shot.

"You haven't heard? One of the security guys lost it on the Andorian captain," Hayley smiles as she says it.

"That's not good... where's the captain? And the security officer? Are they alright?"

Hayley shrugs, "The Andorian captain is on his ship. They are heading out already. The Major is fine, I think..."

"...Major? You mean Major Solin? He's not just an officer! He's..."

"I know!" Elizabeth could slap that look on her face for being this excited.

"I have to go," Elizabeth says, turning and hurrying out of sick bay and rushing... to she doesn't know where. She stops one of the crew members and asks them where he is. They seem reluctant to answer, but give it anyway. Major Solin has been confined to his quarters with a posted guard. Well shit.

Liz hurries there, seeing the one guard standing outside it. She composes herself and walks up to him, trying her best to sound as professional as she can. "I need in to see Major Solin," she says, her tone as commanding as she can. Luckily, even with different rankings, she outranks the guard.

"There are no visiting hours," the guard answers.

"Then I'm ordering you, as I do outrank you as well as being a part of medical. You will let me in," she commands. She may be short and freckled and unimposing, but she gets her way when it's necessary. The Vulcan seems put off, but he can't argue rank or protocol since she probably has something she could pull out of her ass for that one and he lets her into the room.

She enters the room, the lights dim and she has to adjust to it. They keep the corridors brighter than their quarters, often, she's noticed. "Major," she says, looking around and finally spotting him, "Are you okay?"
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