Doctor Elizabeth Dehner (elizabethdehner) wrote,
Doctor Elizabeth Dehner

The Colony

It had taken some time to set up the meeting, but Elizabeth finally was able to get a chance to meet a mind-healer back on the colony. She had been wanting to speak with one of them, hoping to expand her understanding of the Vulcan mind and how they approach issues involving that. She is only as good as the knowledge she has, so she believes that she will be better equipped to work with those on the ship if she really understands it. There's not much more she can do than prepare herself with a series of questions and hope they are cooperative.

She has decided to wear a Vulcan outfit, as their have been modified for warmth, though she choses something lighter weight since the planet they are colonizing is not as cold to her as it is to Vulcans. Even so, it appears to be cooler on the surface and so she gets herself appropriately dressed. Because she is somewhat vain, she makes sure that it at least looks good. The outfit itself is a fitted one piece suit with a high collar and long sleeves. She's wearing a pair of synthetic leather knee-high boots with a slight lift in the heal for better comfort and she notices it makes her just an inch taller. The forrest green shade is patched with reinforcements at the hips, elbows and knees in that same synthetic leather, but in black. The boots are also black, with straps across the calf to hold them on. The whole thing is also worn with a bulky hood and built in scarf that is also black, but lined with that same shade of green. Her hair curls much more in the hot temperature of the ship and she knows that since the planet is relatively humid, though not unbearable, it will only curl even more fiercely. She hopes it doesn't look ridiculous, or at least more so than she thinks the Vulcans find her strange coloring in comparison to them.

Elizabeth makes her way to the transporter room where she is meeting Major Solin. He also, it seems has business on planet and agreed to escort her. She assumes he is okay with this, even if their sessions have been less than helpful. She knows that he has something going on, and she's not sure what it is. She will figure it out and he will open up to it, but she knows it could take significantly more time than it would a human. Vulcans are so terribly difficult to read. Outside of their sessions, however, they are perfectly cordial and get alone well enough, often sharing meals in the middle of the day and discussing perfectly simple and normal matters. She doesn't mind that he doesn't want to talk to her in sessions if he seems to be able to agree that their sessions do not reflect the kind of person she is outside of it and that doesn't make her see him any differently. Or at least she hopes that is the case.
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