Doctor Elizabeth Dehner (elizabethdehner) wrote,
Doctor Elizabeth Dehner

Future!Verse: Adventure in Camping

It had taken a little convincing to get Monty to go along with another one of Liz's really ridiculously exciting ideas, like camping. She loved the outdoors and she figured that they were already going to be out in Scotland and there had to be something fun to do while there visiting. With their new rescue, Felix, they were on their way to a very cliched trip into the wilderness. Monty was supportive, but she still wasn't sure how excited he actually was about it. Liz was more or less bouncing off the walls.

They made it to the camp grounds and Liz, all smiles and more energy than was necessary for a woman her age, stepped out into the fresh air and smiled. "I'm really glad we decided to do this. I haven't been camping for so long. I must have been a kid."
Tags: future!verse, locked to lt_cmmdr_scott
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