Doctor Elizabeth Dehner (elizabethdehner) wrote,
Doctor Elizabeth Dehner

Future!Verse: Giving Up

They had been trying for months. Elizabeth had been doing everything she could possibly think of to be sure that her body wasn't overworked or stressed and yet it hadn't worked. She knew a long time ago that her fertility was questionable. A doctor had once told her that it was going to be difficult for her to get pregnant, or even at all. It shouldn't be the top priority on her list. She had a lot to look forward to in her life. A fantastic husband, being back in school and working towards specializing in child psychiatry. She'd been working a regular job with regular patients and finding herself helping people, just like she always wanted.

But then she'd found out that she'd miscarried and hadn't even known she was pregnant. It wasn't uncommon. It wasn't unheard of. She was aware of the risks and the things that happy during pregnancies, but she didn't realize how taxing it could be. So, today, she was sitting outside in their backyard. Liz had been reading while sitting in a lawn chair, but she had long been day dreaming instead of focussing on the book. 

Her mind wandered and she was fairly certain that she needed to give up on having children. There were other options. Adoption, perhaps. She didn't want to think of it like that, really. She wanted to have her own, but it was looking like it wasn't going to happen. She was tired of thinking about it. Maybe she'd start thinking about moving on. 
Tags: future!verse, locked to lt_cmmdr_scott
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