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Dec. 10th, 2014

There had been an influx of Vulcan students at the academy ever since the crisis. Hence the need for a psychology class to help give a better understanding of the way the various minds think that are among the campus. Vulcans were having trouble adjusting--though they'd never admit it. Often, her classes meant getting in circular logical debates regarding things that didn't matter and in this instance, it's driven her to drink.

She's starting on her second glass of wine, sitting along at a table and watching the mingling go on around her. She doesn't have a very welcoming expression at the moment, but it's more lost in thought than anything. That and the wine is already starting to make things hazy.


Breakfast the other morning. Had been lovely. Elizabeth spent the whole time asking questions about his family and Tabitha. She has never felt so secure in something in her life and as scary as that is given the circumstances, she was happy.

And now it's finally gotten to the weekend and they can see each other again. She's wiring for him at her apartment. None of the details have been worked out. She isn't sure if they are going back to has place or if her apartment full of work and no charm (at least she thinks there is no charm) is good enough.
"It's like pulling teeth! So uncooperative."



The headaches have been getting more and more severe as time went in. She was starting to feel like she was never going to get relief from it. Without the ability to tell anyone about the condition she was in, she wouldn't find a cute or at least a way to deal with the changes. And maybe if they could work on it the headaches might stop.

Elizabeth has been taking to eating meals away from crowds. At least she could then keep herself away from the bustling minds around her. She could have done that again today, but Solin was suspicious of her behavior. Rightfully so. She couldn't pull away. She certainly didn't want to. His mind was the only one that didn't overwhelm her. His mind was clearer than most minds, but at least it wasn't painful.

At the moment she is staring down at her food, fairly uninterested as a sharp pain rushed in cycles behind her eyes. She exhales slowly as though it will help, wincing once as another crew member entered the mess hall.

The Andorian Incident

There's been some commotion int he ship as of late. There isn't usually much going on, but with an Andorian freighter moving towards Vulcan space, the T'Zaled is the first to respond. Though, previously, they wouldn't show much interest in Andorian freighters, in this case, they have to be more careful. There isn't enough of them to be much of a force and even as they are allies, freighters run by completely unaccompanied Andorians--without the proper papers--is subject to check points, which is precisely what has been going on.

That's not even the worst of it.

Not only has Elizabeth and Solin not been engaging in much conversation as of late, the session has been even worse. The fact that she presses on is merely to show that she cannot be shoved out of his way simply because he feels it would be better that way. She's doing her job and there is a job to be done. As for the rest of their week, they avoid each other, or at least she makes sure she's very, very busy. It's not easy on her to have no one else to talk to, but she's been keeping in contact with a friend aboard the Enterprise and doing her best to be kind to the other doctors with her. It's actually there that she finds out about how the incident has gotten worse.

There had been a lot of talk around the ship. Most of it spoken in Vulcan, monotone voices relaying information, but Elizabeth recognizes names and titles, so when 'Major Solin' appears to be the subject of each and every one of these conversations, she's curious. With fear striking her suddenly that he could be hurt, she rushes to the infirmary, but only to find empty beds. She's greeted by one of the Vulcan physicians and then one of her own who immediately notices her unrest.

"Hayley, what's going on?" Elizabeth asks her. Hayley Bennett is the OB/GYN, so Liz isn't sure why she thinks she would know, but it's worth a shot.

"You haven't heard? One of the security guys lost it on the Andorian captain," Hayley smiles as she says it.

"That's not good... where's the captain? And the security officer? Are they alright?"

Hayley shrugs, "The Andorian captain is on his ship. They are heading out already. The Major is fine, I think..."

"...Major? You mean Major Solin? He's not just an officer! He's..."

"I know!" Elizabeth could slap that look on her face for being this excited.

"I have to go," Elizabeth says, turning and hurrying out of sick bay and rushing... to she doesn't know where. She stops one of the crew members and asks them where he is. They seem reluctant to answer, but give it anyway. Major Solin has been confined to his quarters with a posted guard. Well shit.

Liz hurries there, seeing the one guard standing outside it. She composes herself and walks up to him, trying her best to sound as professional as she can. "I need in to see Major Solin," she says, her tone as commanding as she can. Luckily, even with different rankings, she outranks the guard.

"There are no visiting hours," the guard answers.

"Then I'm ordering you, as I do outrank you as well as being a part of medical. You will let me in," she commands. She may be short and freckled and unimposing, but she gets her way when it's necessary. The Vulcan seems put off, but he can't argue rank or protocol since she probably has something she could pull out of her ass for that one and he lets her into the room.

She enters the room, the lights dim and she has to adjust to it. They keep the corridors brighter than their quarters, often, she's noticed. "Major," she says, looking around and finally spotting him, "Are you okay?"

The Colony

It had taken some time to set up the meeting, but Elizabeth finally was able to get a chance to meet a mind-healer back on the colony. She had been wanting to speak with one of them, hoping to expand her understanding of the Vulcan mind and how they approach issues involving that. She is only as good as the knowledge she has, so she believes that she will be better equipped to work with those on the ship if she really understands it. There's not much more she can do than prepare herself with a series of questions and hope they are cooperative.

She has decided to wear a Vulcan outfit, as their have been modified for warmth, though she choses something lighter weight since the planet they are colonizing is not as cold to her as it is to Vulcans. Even so, it appears to be cooler on the surface and so she gets herself appropriately dressed. Because she is somewhat vain, she makes sure that it at least looks good. The outfit itself is a fitted one piece suit with a high collar and long sleeves. She's wearing a pair of synthetic leather knee-high boots with a slight lift in the heal for better comfort and she notices it makes her just an inch taller. The forrest green shade is patched with reinforcements at the hips, elbows and knees in that same synthetic leather, but in black. The boots are also black, with straps across the calf to hold them on. The whole thing is also worn with a bulky hood and built in scarf that is also black, but lined with that same shade of green. Her hair curls much more in the hot temperature of the ship and she knows that since the planet is relatively humid, though not unbearable, it will only curl even more fiercely. She hopes it doesn't look ridiculous, or at least more so than she thinks the Vulcans find her strange coloring in comparison to them.

Elizabeth makes her way to the transporter room where she is meeting Major Solin. He also, it seems has business on planet and agreed to escort her. She assumes he is okay with this, even if their sessions have been less than helpful. She knows that he has something going on, and she's not sure what it is. She will figure it out and he will open up to it, but she knows it could take significantly more time than it would a human. Vulcans are so terribly difficult to read. Outside of their sessions, however, they are perfectly cordial and get alone well enough, often sharing meals in the middle of the day and discussing perfectly simple and normal matters. She doesn't mind that he doesn't want to talk to her in sessions if he seems to be able to agree that their sessions do not reflect the kind of person she is outside of it and that doesn't make her see him any differently. Or at least she hopes that is the case.

Future!Verse: Adventure in Camping

It had taken a little convincing to get Monty to go along with another one of Liz's really ridiculously exciting ideas, like camping. She loved the outdoors and she figured that they were already going to be out in Scotland and there had to be something fun to do while there visiting. With their new rescue, Felix, they were on their way to a very cliched trip into the wilderness. Monty was supportive, but she still wasn't sure how excited he actually was about it. Liz was more or less bouncing off the walls.

They made it to the camp grounds and Liz, all smiles and more energy than was necessary for a woman her age, stepped out into the fresh air and smiled. "I'm really glad we decided to do this. I haven't been camping for so long. I must have been a kid."

Future!Verse: Giving Up

They had been trying for months. Elizabeth had been doing everything she could possibly think of to be sure that her body wasn't overworked or stressed and yet it hadn't worked. She knew a long time ago that her fertility was questionable. A doctor had once told her that it was going to be difficult for her to get pregnant, or even at all. It shouldn't be the top priority on her list. She had a lot to look forward to in her life. A fantastic husband, being back in school and working towards specializing in child psychiatry. She'd been working a regular job with regular patients and finding herself helping people, just like she always wanted.

But then she'd found out that she'd miscarried and hadn't even known she was pregnant. It wasn't uncommon. It wasn't unheard of. She was aware of the risks and the things that happy during pregnancies, but she didn't realize how taxing it could be. So, today, she was sitting outside in their backyard. Liz had been reading while sitting in a lawn chair, but she had long been day dreaming instead of focussing on the book. 

Her mind wandered and she was fairly certain that she needed to give up on having children. There were other options. Adoption, perhaps. She didn't want to think of it like that, really. She wanted to have her own, but it was looking like it wasn't going to happen. She was tired of thinking about it. Maybe she'd start thinking about moving on. 

future!Verse: A(nother) Wedding

She was nervous. Elizabeth was already married to the man she was to meet at the end of the aisle and she was nervous. Maybe it was because she was doing this in front of everyone for the first time. Maybe it was because she had to walk down an aisle in a white dress, eyes on her, her father as her guide. Perhaps it was nothing like that at all and she simply was nervous because, well, most women were nervous on their wedding day. It may be her second one, but it was her wedding. Flowers and guests, groomsmen and seating arrangements. She was ready, but she was nervous. 

Her mother continually fussed with her dress. It was like her mother had never seen Elizabeth in it before. As if they hadn't done nearly three fittings with the damned thing. Liz hair was in loose waves, neatly filed and resting over one shoulder. She had no veil, because she thought they were silly. She was already working on adorning herself with the Scott tartan sash she'd had specially made so that it flattered the dress rather than being the focus. It pinned delicately to the shoulder and then across to her hip, set so that it would follow the curves of the dress instead of looking like it was draped and covering it. Now it was just a matter of time. 


Gerald was at the bar, sipping conservatively at a glass of bourbon. He hadn't been fully prepared for his daughter's wedding. It wasn't like him to be unprepared, but what was a man to do when his only daughter was having a swanky white wedding with guests and family and... he sneered. He wasn't always an unpleasant sort of fellow, but gatherings that required his attendance never sat well with him. One way or another, he'd have to survive this, but he sure as hell wasn't going to let the day go without saying what he came to the bar to say.

The men were all waiting about for the ceremony to start. The sun would be setting in the couple hours. The timing was intentional, so the schedule was set. He had only a few minutes to pull his son-in-law aside and tell him precisely how he felt about the entire situation he was put in. So, Gerald waited for a lull in conversation between the men and approached the young (ish) Mr. Scott and cleared his throat. "A word..." he commanded.